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Yours If You Want Me

This song is by Steve Tannen and appears on the album Stopped At A Green Light (2003).

I just dropped by to say hello
And tell you something that you may already know
I'm yours if you want me

But I tend to get addicted to anything I can get addicted to
May want to do things I don't think you want to do
Don't answer right away 'cause I'm not through
It used to be someone else and now it's you
I'm yours if you want me

Maybe I'll leave for just a minute and maybe I'll never come back
Maybe I prefer to be by myself maybe I just don't have the knack
I hate the rich I hate the poor and everything that I lack
I want to throw my body on the railroad tracks
I'm yours if you want me

And on the road where they killed that poor boy
Back by the shade of the trees
The subway sounds like the end of the world
Sometimes I hate this city
You're so pretty

Can't get up in the morning can't sleep at night
You'll come and make it ok and then it'll never be quite right without you
People talking 'bout me well I swear it's not the truth
I want to clean you like a cat I want to give you further proof
Then you can add up all the lies upon the lies that I tell
And turn them into a road and go to hell
I'm yours if you want me

And in the bar downtown with all the chrome and the glass
I start to feel something for you
I take a minute and let it pass
I'm yours if you want me
Yours if you want me

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