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Picture Of You

This song is by Steve Tannen and appears on the album Stopped At A Green Light (2003).

You were doing cocaine center stage
And I was watching from the balcony
You said I never fought for you
When did you ever fight for me?

I know how you look in a dress of blue
What I don't need is another picture of you
Tell me love survived and whether or not it's true
I don't need another picture of you

Do I sound bitter? I'm not bitter
I'm just not sweet anymore
I see you on the magazines, I see you on the TV screens
I still see you naked stretched out on my floor

I don't need another picture of:
Your back, your hair, your hands, your face
Your eyes, your eyes a suicidal grace
You're back, I still can hear you laugh
But I got no photographs

It's not worth saving
Love is an engraving that won't be washed away
And the past is a Polaroid and you hit what you can't avoid
I was captured by the triptych
Until I turned around and ripped it

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