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If You Don't Feel That Way

This song is by Steve Tannen and appears on the album Stopped At A Green Light (2003).

Stop the moon in the sky
So it can't move and you can't say goodbye
The stars hung low like the sky was a tree
I'd stay here forever if it was up to me

I don't worry Maria
Something in the dark with you makes it OK
Oh Maria turn the light on and just say
If you don't feel that way

Late night let me in
And your corduroy pillow made a tattoo on my skin
Took me all night drinking and home on your shoulder
What I did to feel young only made me feel older

Oh Maria come on
Why you want to be alone
With your big blue eyes and your Scorpio heart
I love you in the light, I want to love you in the dark

Sent you a dime store postcard that said "I wish I was there"
And what you never say hangs between us in the air
Cigarettes, coffee, Nabakov tattoo
If it was up to me it wouldn't be up to you

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