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Gay Boys

This song is by Steve Tannen and appears on the album Stopped At A Green Light (2003).

You only go the streets you know
You never wander down this dead-end alley
Never cross against the red light or smoke a cigarette
Last night I made you my girlfriend
Don't pretend that I did not feel good between your fingers
Go home but I won't be alone

Gay boys gay boys out in the back they remind me of you
Gay boys speaking Spanish the way they do
Tight ass no noise oh those gay boys

I can see your future, it's a diamond ring
And you'll never do nothing about anything
You'll just keep hanging your head about last night
Listen to the straight girls crying into the microphone
It's a long walk home
Go on but I won't be alone

Ooh La La the way they talk
Wind your life up like a clock
One day you'll open like a rusty lock
Covered in a gentle sweat
Whispering I love you like a threat
As close to saying nothing as you can get

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