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​Don't Go Away

This song is by Steve Tannen and appears on the album Big Señorita (2000).

She gets me drunk in a taxi
She leans down in the back seat
Spend my money I don't mind
Come on it's closing time

Love stands still to catch you in a spotlight
The moon is pale like it was left on all night
Don't go away oh no stay outside my door
Don't you know it will be different in the light
The way the night turns into yesterday
Don't go away

You can lie to me and I'll be true to you
The more you fake the act the less you feel it's true
Don't go baby everybody does it like that
I want to see you with your head thrown back

Does she love you, you know that she does
That's all I meant when I said heaven above
How can I believe when she leaves she leaves
Drunk in a taxi

And last night takes a back seat to the morning
Morning traffic, morning rain
And the total silence on the morning train