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​Can't Say For Sure

This song is by Steve Tannen and appears on the album Big Señorita (2000).

Waterfall let the devil take ya' down to the river if ya' cannot sleep
Where the fancy boatmen with their hearts all broken they will ferry you for cheap
I'm gonna lean up against ya' New York City
I'm gonna slip inside your coat
Couples kiss as if to tell ya'
That what they got you don't

Ooh yeah don't do this to me leave me standing at your door
I can't say for sure it's over I know but I can't say it
Can't say for sure from where I'm calling
Or why I'm falling at your feet
Ooh yeah don't do this

Come clean you've been mean to me and the sweetness is a raft
The moon above me you can't love me in the spare time that you have
Lean yourself against somebody anyone will do
Or light a candle in your window and I will come for you

Father forgive me the end of the day
Fighting off sleep 'cause it's slipping away
Jelly bean friends taste of Easter back home
They'll do you dirty but I'll never leave you alone goodbye
I can see it in your face and in your heart and the big old highway
That brung the bright day heads off somewhere in the dark