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​Brother Uptown

This song is by Steve Tannen and appears on the album Big Señorita (2000).

I should have called 'cause she was awake
She opened the door and the look on her face said I got company
And at the black eyed bodega by the catholic school
I drink to get drunk on that Cuban Mule
Makes you feel like your heart is on fire

It's a cold, cold night to wander around
I see my future in flights of birds
Hey hey, have you been down 'cause I've been down
I'm gonna go see my brother uptown

He slips money in my jeans and thinks I don't see
I play along and pretend I'm asleep on the floor
It's no more than an 8x10 sanctuary
And it's late in the day and late in the year
And god only knows how they sky is still clear
'Cause you won't get it back 'cause the money's been spent
And the chances of rain are 100 percent

Who is gonna save me from everything you gave me
Everywhere I went I was sent there by you
You pray for rain then you wish it would stop
You hate your family and then they're all that you've got

Unfurl in the wind you know it runs east to west
I follow his footsteps down to Amsterdam
Where the streets are so wide put the wind in your hair
And if I knew where I should go I would go there