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This song is by Steve Miller Band and appears on the album Book of Dreams (1977) and on the album Steve Miller Band (Box Set) (1994).

Original video
Thought about the folks back home
All those miles that we had roamed
Still can see your pretty hair
When I come back will you be there
You flew away like a kite
I hope you find your light
I pray they treat you right
What a sacrifice

Miles and miles I have roamed
Lookin' for that home sweet home
Thought I had the love with you
But I found out that you weren't true
You made me feel so nice
Ready for wedding rice
Then you said no dice
What a sacrifice

Lookin' back on time that's gone
I realized I might have been wrong
But Macon took you for a ride
They broke us up for their own pride
But you were young and didn't understand
That you had found your lifetime man
Maybe someday you'll see
It gets so lonely being free
So don't be wrong twice
What a sacrifice

Written by:

Curley Cooke and Les Dudek Wikipedia16

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