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Mikvah Song

This song is by Steve McConnell.

What's in the past, what lies ahead?
Is hidden in this pool of our father's tears
And that's our hope, the old man is gone.
The new man is seated with Messiah in the heavenlies.

Lord, it breaks my heart to see the sin that lives in me,
But I know this memory is not real;
So when sin makes a plea for a small victory.
I know better now, I know the mystery!

So all praise to our god the farther of our lord,
By his mercy we are born again!
And our farther is alive - it's a gift that cannot die,
Our names are found in his book of life!

By the Mikvah we've identified,
With the dead and rising of messiah.
Now we are sanctified, we're set apart,
For good works and righteousness in Yahshua.
And every word he said is true,
So we are creatures who are born a new - in him,
To walk by faith and not by sight,
And know the law of God is our delight.
This is not a thing we've done on our own
It's the work of God alone

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