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Heart of the Dreamer

This song is by Steve Martin and Edie Brickell and appears on the album So Familiar (2015).

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The first love that I ever knew
Was kind and fine and true as the sunrise
Arms that held me in the night
Tender as a lullaby

Into the dreams of night and day
My restless angel flew away
And I was left alone to face
The wounded child that I embrace
When true love has to fight
Through fires, floods, and the blood of our fathers
Some rill rise victorious
Some will die a lonesome death

The hissing of the shadows
The serpent in the dark
The night cannot swallow
A bright and shining star
Strong is the heart of the dreamer
Bright is the light in his eyes

Music by:

Steve Martin

Lyrics by:

Edie Brickell

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