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This song is by Steve Kilbey and appears on the album Unearthed (1986).

Telegram lines in meadows of junk
Jewels stay late to shake and I'll be sunk
Small eyed sellers with conquering ties
And I know those sins carry dangerous crimes
Yes we're sitting down the back with a head full of haze
Coming to terms with our yesterdays
Last night I found love in my fingertips
Imagined I was swimming between your peninsular lips
Standing on the snaking road
Mistaken, forsaken, and totally blowed
Yes we're sitting down the back with a bone in my hand
Pull down the blind on the sunburnt land
Once we stopped in the dead of night

I must have walked in on a hell of a fight
I never even saw who was throwing the punch
I never even asked who was paying for lunch
It reminds me of the time I've told you about
Every voice in the world seemed to shout
I sank to my knees hands over my ears
I could have heard what nobody hears
But I blew out the match with a weary breath
Checked my stash, there was nothing left
Stuck my face into the night
Tasted the rain that came with the light
Sitting in the back with a sneaking suspicion
Happy with my lazy ambition

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