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​Between Your Smiles

This song is by Steve Howe and appears on the album Homebrew 3 (2005).

She has always been so strong, it's o.k. she denies herself
And in health she's never lost
Question not what she puts first, children know her kindness
And they trust in what they feel

Remember one, remember all the life's she leeds
As changes change, day by day the time gets eaten up with all
With all the many thins that fill the space between your smiles
She's alive, she's alive, so alive,

There is nothing you can do, to stop me wanting you
There's no way I could forget
All the times you stood by me, when the cards had all gone down
It was hard to carry on with the facts of life, re-sung, like a vision
She is so alive, so alive,

Written by:

Steve Howe