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The Salmon Song

This song is by Steve Hillage and appears on the album Fish Rising (1975).

Ooh yeah, the Salmon swimming up the stream of time
Leaping up the Falls of Man, to the source of Love and Light
Guided from Atlantis to the Water-Bearer's jar.
Far out-nearerin-and back to where We Are. (Hello!)

You know the way to Be
You know the way to Be
You know the way to Be
Ah ah-we're getting nearer
Nearer to the Water Bearer
Ooh we're getting nearer
We're swimming, swimming, swimming with the Salmon
(Ooh! your. swimming with the Salmon)

Salty Salmon Solomon Seal,
Soulmender Salamander Soul of Man
Salar Salmon Semen SalMundi
Solver of the Mystery - WoW!

Salty Solomon Salmon Soul of Man
Sun-Moon Salmon Salamander Solomon
Salty Solomon Salmon Soul of Man
King of the Fishes...


Music by:

Steve Hillage.

Lyrics by:

Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy.

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