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Solar Musick Suite

This song is by Steve Hillage and appears on the album Fish Rising (1975).

The sun sings that he wants you all to know
What dawns behind our lunarsea
For since our very words were commandeered
We've explored the infinite circuitry.
To try and find a scheme that gave us form
It burns our curiosity.
And the answers that we sit and hope to find
Are living here inside of we.

And so we set foot on the pathway
Between the pillars of black and white
To put aside the fears and doubts that hold this old world down
And open up our hidden store of Light, within.

I saw all the stars that glimmer above me get off
Their pegs, and gently flicker down.
And all the people of the world dissolve into
A sparkling dust.
And through the Holy Vortex, for a second it did pass,
And then it returned to what it used to Be

And in the second of realization
The Angel of the Rainbow was watching us to see.
If we were ready now to be a colour in his Harmony.
Ah! I love its Holy Mystery.

No need for sitting always on our own,
Staring desperately at all of the problems of this world.
We see mistakes maybe our high is blown,
But sometimes you need the black to see the white to
Find the core of love and Beauty.
So we can change our Lead back into Gold,
And make the chemical wedding twixt ecstasy and concentration.
We've got to learn to use our hearts and minds
As the building stones to make the New Age World Electrik Temple.

So people look into each other's eyes
And gaze at them with certainty.
We're gathered here today from all around
To celebrate eternity.
The Spirit in the air is never far
Immersed in our totality.
And the answers that we sit and hope to find are living here in side of we.

Never let the seal of love be broken
Lest you act too suddenly.
We're waiting for the energy to come
In the age of electricity.
Magnetic tape Time swirling back and forth
A-faster than the eye can see.
And the answers that we sit and hope to find
Are swimming in Our Mercury...


Music by:

Steve Hillage.

Lyrics by:

Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy.

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