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Search Me, Oh God

This song is by Steve Green and appears on the album We Believe (1991).

Search me, oh God, reveal my heart
Expose my sin that it may be confessed
Search me, oh God, unveil each thought
And leave no hidden motive unaddressed

Uncover every action born in pride
Show me the worldly ways I still embrace
May every anxious thought be brought to light
And each unspoken fear with faith replaced

Search me, oh God, observe my life
Bring to my mind, each idle word I speak
Search me, oh God, test my resolve
And alert me where You find it weak

Reveal all weakened walls within my soul
Show me potential dangers unforeseen
Then clothe my conscience with your holiness
Help me guard it well and keep it clean

Search me, oh God, that I may walk in peace
Filled with the joy of knowing all is well
My heart surrendered and my conscience clean
So great a joy my tongue can scarcely tell
Oh, what a joy to know that all is well

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