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Real Live Love

This song is by Steve Forbert and appears on the album Mission Of The Crossroad Palms (1995).

I've got a real good feeling' tonight,
That you are ready to see,
That out of all them cats in your life,
You're goin' crazy for me.
I felt good luck rise with the tide,
And all the stars are in tune,
I've got the whole night sky on my side,
I'm in cahoots with the moon.

You're talkin' two shades of sweeter tonight,
Than even ever before.
I'm gonna cross my fingers and wait,
When we get up to your door.
And when you turn that lock with your key,
That's when you're gonna decide.
That you and me got somethin' we need,
And that it can't be denied.

And that's a real (real), live (live), love (love),
Talkin' 'bout real (real), live (live), love (love).

All right...
(Instrument Bridge)

I've been a long time patient and calm,
About this thing I believe.
But after all this waiting 'round,
I'm just a little bit peeved.
But there's been a love light lit in your eyes,
Since we was out on the shore.
And I've got a real good feelin' tonight,
Is goin' to open the door.

To some real (real), live (live), love (love),
Talkin' 'bout real (real), live (live), love (love),
I'm movin' toward a real (real), live (live), love (love),
I'm dreamin' of a real (real), live (live), love (love).

(Instrumental Outro)

Written by:

Steve Forbert

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