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Hillbilly Highway

This song is by Steve Earle and appears…

My Grand Daddy was a miner, but he finally saw the light
He didn't have much, just a beat up truck
And a dream about a better life
Grand Mama waved goodbye you never heard such a lonesome sound
Pretty soon the dirt road turned into blacktop
Detroit City bound

Down that hillbilly highway
On that hillbilly highway
That old hillbilly highway
Goes on and on

Now he worked and saved his money so that one day he might send
My old man off to college
To use his brains and not his hands
Grandmama cried when she waved goodbye
You never heard such a lonesome sound
But Daddy had himself a good job in Houston; one more rolling down

On and on and on... here we go

Now Grandaddy rolled over in his grave the day that I quit school
I just sat around the house playin' my guitar, Daddy said I was a fool
My Mama cried when I said goodbye
Ya never heard such a lonesome sound
Now I'm standin' on this highway, and if you're goin' my way
You know where I'm bound

Mmmmm yeah, that's the road I'm on

Hiiiiiiillllll billy highway
Hiiiiiiillllll billy highway

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