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This song is by Steriogram.

I'd like to find out where my time all seemed to go
I got wasted
Honestly, does it hurt to have a little bit more honesty?
'Cause I'm not the only one that's here tonight
Bring them to attention, strong ideas are changing
It is up to you don't trust somebody else
Your point of views are new and not just reflecting yourself
You've got the weight of this cause on your shoulder
It's so damn hard to see
But if you look inside you'll find that I'm not proud of me

For the longest time I've nearly found the out
Now your making you mark things are starting to spark
Keep raising you voice cause you got something to say
Keep making that noise cause its attention we pay
We share the weight of this cause on our shoulders
Another day flies by and all I have to show
We bought in, not freaked out now our minds have no doubt
We came in to set out to see what it's all about
Talk us in worked it out and now we're in for the count.

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