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This song is by Steriogram.

Oh you're so well kept and you're dressed to impress
You know its working on me 'cause it's you that I need
I'm not the best looking guy standing in the crowd
Not that well endowed but its time for us to leave
Don't let up today
All the feelings and the geezer of the girl you end up stealing in the way
Just watch me close I'll teach you all I know, I got a heartbreak show
When we get into the room and I can prove that I want you
With the bumping and grinding skinny body will delight you
Oh please baby please
Oh it hurts when you tease
Would you do me a favor and just put me to ease

Can I get in behind like we're standing in line
But uh oh what happened now the sun don't shine
I want to think your the best so put this contest to rest
'Cause I want to believe that your not out of my league
I got my hopes up about you and me
But in reality I know that it will never be
'Cause I'm just here to move
At least that's what I'm sayin'
To this lady, hitting hard but looking way beyond her youth
'Cause I'm not here to play
I'm here to find the reason I was brought here by the angel man who found me at the gate.

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