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Have A Nice Day

This song is by Stereophonics and appears on the album Just Enough Education To Perform (2001).

Da dadada da da dadada
Da dadada da da dadada
Da dadada da da dadada
Da dadada da da dadada

San Francisco Bay, past pier thirty-nine
Early PM can't remember what time
Got the waiting cab, stopped at the red light
Address unsure of, but it turned out just right

It started straight off, "Coming here is hell"
That's his first words, we asked what it meant
He said "Where you from?" we told him our lot
Ya' take a holiday, is this what you want...

To have a nice day

Lie around all day have a drink to chase
"Yourself and tourists, yeah that's what I hate"
He said "We're going wrong, we've all become the same
We dress the same ways only our accents change"

So have a nice day

Da dadada da da dadada
Da dadada da da dadada

"Swim in the ocean that'd be my dish
I'll drive around all day and kill processed fish
It's all money gum, no artists anymore
Your only in it now to make more, more, more"

So have a nice day

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