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That's The Last Was Lost

This song is by Unknown Artist.

When I think the tomorrow night
I Think I can't feel Insucure
That' hope all was gone
You were there with the else

Love never gonna found on you
Baby, Go On and on now and now You're...

Gone with not last chance
Gone with no regreting change
Gone if love could make me better
But not your love, 'Cause...
That's The last was lost


When you'll be back in time
We're didn't mean we're right
The fallin' love was wrong
You were left with else

Life never find the roll back
Baby, go on and on now and now you're...

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Ah... Ah...
Now all was Lost...

There something I wanna tell you (something)
Trere are best infront of me (by the time)
That'was the Last was Lost (On you Baby)
So my move is moving On...

I dreamed It's over
I Learned To better

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