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Sign on the Line

This song is by Steppenwolf and appears on the album Rise & Shine (1990).

So many toys, so little time
You got your share, now I want mine
I'd love a trip to Paradise
Ain't got the cash to pay the price
But every time I turn around someone's at my door
Who says he's got the answer I've been looking for

Sign on the line, buy now pay later, sonny
Sign on the line, don't worry 'bout a thing
Sign on the line, well hey, it's only money
Sign on the line, go have your fling

I want the high life on TV
Just like they do on Dynasty
To live a life fit for a king
And have the best of everything
But every time I save a buck someone's on my case
Wavin' pen and paper, they stick it in your face

Sign on the line

Been spending like a millionaire
On women, cars, house in Bel Air
And all the things I can't resist
Now I got handcuffs on my wrist
I said: "Judge, a man like me can't make a dime in jail"
He said: "son, use your credit card, so you can make your bail"

Sign on the line, just buy your freedom, sonny
Sign on the line and walk on out of here
Sign on the line, well hey, it's only money
Sign on the line but don't you disappear, hear?

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