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This song is by Steppenwolf and appears on the album The Second (1968).

Rise to greet the morning light
Can't find my shoes
But that's alright
All I knew just flew out the window
All I had gathered
Won't let my mind grow
I don't know but I feel lighter
Everything around me
Seems much brighter
Red and green, in between
Think I'm going crazy
Everybody movin' much too slow
'Cause all I want is to be near you
All I need is your sweet love
I don't know which way to go
You've changed the world around me
Don't let go, I can't get enough

Night time just dropped by
Back to hide the ugly for a while
When the lights go on, we go out
Down to a place where the music's loud

Shake your money maker
Shake it all around
Shake your money maker

Why don't you let it all hang down
Shake your money maker
Shake it just for me
Shake your money maker
Why don't you let yourself be free

Every time I see her dancing
Makes me want to jump with joy
The way she moves makes my heart break
Just one look and I'm her toy
Don't know why she makes me feel
Like a different guy

Shake it
Take it
Shake it
Take it

Purple sound baby, can you feel it
Swirlin' 'round, I don't know
Scream out loud baby
Let your mind roll off the ground
You might never feel this way again

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