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Jaded Strumpet

This song is by Steppenwolf and appears on the album For Ladies Only (1971).

Jaded strumpet (4:40)

"You know I got a thing for women."
"They all need, and know their demon."
"Diamonds are secrets, don't them on your ass."

"I got a high strutting loser."
"She's clean, and always choosing."
"She got her way to the head of the gays."

"And they call her Jaded Strumpet."
"You know that girl shows who's trumpet."
"Got a hootchie cootchie broad now."
"You know that she shows you there."

(End chorus):
"What she wants is the world's permission."
"She pleased her needs, and death pisition."
"What the word is what that she might say."

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