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For Rock-N-Roll

This song is by Steppenwolf and appears on the album Wolftracks (1982).

I recall the very first time
I heard that Rock 'n Roll on the radio
Still I feel it like the first time
Send shivers down my back right to my toes
Now everybody in the school yard
Was rockin' for their life the whole week through
Come Friday afternoon when school was over
We'd plan our secret rendezvous
And late at night when all were sleeping
I would steal away to find my crew

Oh, the time that we did have
Tales I could tell
Wild and crazy night out on patrol
Chances we'd take
Passion burned like fire in our soul
For Rock 'n Roll

I learned to rock while still a baby
Learned to roll while still a boy
But I did not rock-n-roll 'til I was able
To keep myself quite gainfully employed
And I've traveled just about the whole world over
And you know there ain't too much I've not enjoyed

Oh, the time that we did have...

In all these years it gave me power
To keep moving
It's the only thing I know
It's the only way I'll go
What I am is what I owe
To Rock 'n Roll

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