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Old Man Trouble

This song is by Stephen Stills and appears on the album Man Alive! (2005).

Ole man trouble

There's a man
You know they call trouble
And he follows me everywhere I go
You know ole man trouble
He can't get me now 'cause I know
Mr charlie yeah
You know I worked hard for you
Ah but you're mean to me
Just as mean as you can be
You and ole man trouble
You can't get me now
'Cause my mind is free
And my pockets, lord
You know they're so empty
I got no place to lay my weary head
Rather leave all my troubles
And let the green green grass be my bed
And I get what I need
And I need what I get
And there never ain't nothing that I didn't need yet
So ole man trouble
(Oh it doesn't matter about what I want
Do y'all get what I'm saying)
'Cause my heart is in my song
M' song blowing in the breeze
Ole man trouble
You can't get me now
'Cause my mind is free
And I got a love for the life I live
And I gotta need yeah what I got to give
So goodbye
Ooh, goodbye
I got no need for ya
Ole man trouble

Ole man trouble, trouble, goodbye

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