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Everything Is Nothing

This song is by Stephen Simmonds and appears on the album This Must Be Ground (2004).

It's all that I can think about
I'm missin' you crazy
It's like the weight of the world on me
Sleepless and I'm thinning out
When are you gonna save me
'Cause I need you within my reach

Everything means nothing,
Whatever it is don't count
When you're away from me

This is the pain of loving
I don't want to walk this ground
When you're away from me

The yearning's getting critical
I stare at the ceiling
All the minutes are long tonight
And the pain is so original
It's the mother of feelings
And I need you to make it right

Because everything is nothing...

Everything is nothing, the colors are all alike
This is the pain of loving, I'm fighting a unfair fight

I can't handle the ache, tell me when can I see you
I've got so much to say, so much love to get into
Girl you're to far away, I'm a mess and I miss you all the time

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