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​Classic Rock Song

This song is by Stephen Lynch and appears on the live album Live At The El Rey (2004).

Intro: This is our Free Bird

Get home late from work tonight
Baby, my body's achin'.
Can't stop thinkin' 'bout you and me
And the love that we'll be makin'.
So I chill the champagne
Light a candle or two
(Baby, all the things I'ma do to you)
I love you so much my little heart is breakin'.

Let's make love
Oh baby, let's make love
Your body fits me like a glove
So baby, let's make love
(Baby, let's make love, ooh yeah)
Baby let's make love, yeah, yeah, all right

Ain't nobody in the world
In love as we are.
Making love to you's like being inside a shooting star.
Now I'm in so deep, baby, we're groovin
(Love the way your body is movin')
Then I pull it out just a little bit too far

And I accidentally stick it in your butthole.
I put it in your butthole.
I swear that wasn't my goal
To put it all up in your bootyhole.

Teich - Yeah, that's all we've got, what, wh-

And I swear (oh I swear)
I'll never do it again.
...Unless you kinda liked it.

Lynch - I wrote that ending this afternoon.