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Dive Into The Pool Of Love

This song is by Stephen Bishop and appears on the album Blue Guitars (1994).

Threw a party
In my head
Invited my "A" list
It was a caviar affair
The room was shaking

My heart was pounding
Everyone I knew was there

I started falling My knees got weak
The band was playing
"James Brown"
I wiped a kiss
From my girlfriend's cheek

She said, "You want me,
But you won't jump in
If you wanna learn
How to swim...

You gotta dive
You better dive
Dive into the pool of love..."

Is this a dream
Is this a chemical thing?
I shout to my paramour
Feel like a fish

Out of water on her string
Don't tell me this
Is my imagination
How do I make it
To the shore?

And she says

You gotta dive
(It's never what you're thinking of
Promise her diamonds from the moon above
Go test the water if you're fool enough)

Dive Into the pool of love

All my life I walked away
From love
Now I think I got it
Now I really want it
I do
I wanna dive...

Dive into the pool of love...


Written by:

Stephen Bishop/Tom Snow

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