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This song is by Stephanie D'Abruzzo and appears on the musical soundtrack Avenue Q: The Musical (2003).

I can make you feel
When it sucks to be you.
Let me make you feel
For an hour or two.

Your life's a routine
that repeats each day.
No one cares who you are
or what you say.
And sometimes you feel
like you're nobody,
but you can feel like
somebody with me.


Yeah, they're real.

When we're together
the earth will shake
and the stars will fall
into the sea.
So come on, baby,
let down your guard.
When your date's in
the bathroom,
I'll slip you my card.
I can tell just by looking
that you've got it hard
For me! For me!
For me! For me!
For me! For me!
I can tell just by looking
that you are especially
hard for me!

Written by:

Robert Lopez Wikipedia16, Jeff Marx Wikipedia16

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