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Broken Face Masterpiece

This song is by Stemm and appears on the album Blood Scent (2008).

I take this hate
Like an addiction
The only scars I have are self inflicted
I can't break away from this
Trapped in this cage
A life of conviction
Back to the frontlines of fucked up decisions
Now I'm bound to change my ways!
It's time to wake up from your fucking haze
Before life's taken away
This revelation
Now it's time to change
Stand toe to toe while the fields are burning away!
Ignite the flame
To a new age of thinking
I won't turn my back on the ones that still hate me
No sympathy
I'll run you down
A hand grenade that's thrown to the masses
Profit from fear as your own system crashes
The blood on the bullet
Should be your own
My rage
Look what you've gone and done
My rage
The ashes have become
My rage
Now your beliefs are over run
My rage
I'll end what you've become
My rage
I am the loaded gun
My rage
Till there's no air inside my lungs

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