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Daddy Played the Banjo

This song is by Steep Canyon Rangers.

Daddy played the banjo, beneath the yellow tree
It rang across the backyard, an old time melody
I loved to hear the music, I was only five
I listened as his fingers made the banjo come alive

Sometimes I'd wake up at night, and hear a distant tune
The banjo would echo 'round my childhood room
I'd sneak down the back stairs, Daddy never knew
I'd grab a broom and make believe I was pickin', too

One day Daddy put my fingers down upon his fist
He picked it with his other hand, we made the banjo ring
Now the music takes me back, cross the yellow day
Soon the summer's with my Dad, and the tunes he made

But I'm just tellin' lies 'bout the things I did
See I'm that banjo player who never had a kid
Now I sit beneath that yellow tree
Hopin' that a kid somewhere is listening to me

Daddy played the banjo, 'neath the yellow tree
It rang across the backyard and wove a spell on me
Now the banjo takes me back through the foggy haze
With memories of what never was become the good old days

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