Steely Dan:Soul Ram Lyrics

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Jolly tricks
And politics
May pass you by
Soul ram

Little men
With stick pins
Leave you high and dry
Soul ram

Baby runs the show
She's got a soul ram
Who could know
That she'd be up on top
All night long
Never stop
Right or wrong?

And wishing wells
Are fine for some
Soul ram

After dark
Tacoma Park
Can sure be fun
Soul ram

Baby oughta know
She's got a soul ram
So well planned
I suppose
That she don't need her friends
Just pretends
Knows the score

Baby let it grow
She's got a soul ram
In her hand
Never knew
She dug the heavy stuff
Steely Dan
Play it rough
Backdoor man

Jelly roll
Can't save your soul
This mama can
Soul ram
Soul ram
Soul ram


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