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The Victory

This song is by Steeleye Span and appears on the album Storm Force Ten (1977).

I am a youthful lady my troubles they are great
My tongue is scarcely able my grievance to relate
Since I have lost my true love that was ever dear to me
He's gone to plough the ocean on board the Victory

And many a pleasant evenings my love and I did meet
He clasped me round my slender waist and gave me kisses sweet
I gave to him my hand and heart and he vowed he'd marry me
But I did not know that my love would join the Victory

Mourn, England, mourn and complain
For the brave Lord Nelson's men
That died upon the main

My parents could not endure my love because he was so poor
Therefore he never did presume to come within the door
But had he been some noble lord born a man of high degree
They'd ne'er have sent the lad I love on board the Victory

There was thirteen on the press-gang they did my love surround
And four of that accursed gang went bleeding to the ground
My love was overpowered though he fought most manfully
They dragged him through the dark, wet streets towards the Victory

Your ship she lay in harbour
Just ready to set sail
May Heaven be your guardian, love
Till you come home from sea

Just like an angel weeping
On the rock sighs every day
Awaiting for my own true love
Returning home from sea

It's not for gold that glitters
Nor silver that will shine
If I marry to the man I love
I'll be happy in my mind

Here's success unto the Victory and crew of noble fame
And glory to the captain, Bold Nelson was his name
At the Battle of Trafalgar the Victory cleared the way
But my love was slain with Nelson upon that very day

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