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Last Man Standing

This song is by Steel Nation and appears on the album Forever Wounded (2008).

I ma the bringer of darkness
I am creator of the moonless sky
Everything that comes into contact with me fucking dies

There is no cure for my affliction
I'll be the cause of man's extinction

I've got to live my life just like a shadow on the wall
Don't know how this came to be, no memory to recall
There's no hope left for me
Can't stay sane when nothing is the way it used to be
Death and destruction, no escape for me
I live my life in hiding from a world that has locked me down And thrown away the key

I feel guilty for the pain that I've caused
I never meant to hurt anyone
I will never be free from this curse
The condition of things to come can only get worse

Run, run away
It might already be too late
Who's to say

I will be the last man standing
Left all alone
So long ago the clock stopped ticking
Left to die on my own

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