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Green Eyed God

This song is by Steel Mill and appears on the album Green Eyed God (1972).

Green-eyed god in the midnight sun,
In the night say he's the one.
If you believe you'll last the rite.
Surrender to him give up your fight.

Paging Mr. Hayes,
There's no way to get down.
Turn your back in town,
He might be underground.
Mount the word
This song's about to turn around.
Passion's made it's place
By the bloody crown.

Paging Mr. Hayes,
His love has never grown.
Takes his crooked life,
His service got a loan.
Speaks his loud talk,
And voices he can moan.
Crossed his evil thoughts,
He knows a persons phone.

We bought the hand grenade,
With bullets steel of pain.
Forget your knee Ross,
Leave you be Ross.
Oh. He takes his crooked life,
And makes an evil side.
His neighbors know,
There no chance to get a new soul.

He's got a casket laid,
Poor Mr. Hayes is dead.
It's but a cruel thing,
His green-eyed god said.
Oh, oh, oh, yeah.

God you're a part of me.
God you're a part of me.
God oh,
You're a part of me.
God oh, you're a part of me.

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