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​Stranger Still

This song is by Statemachine and appears on the album Short & Explosive (2003).

Taking a ride in a fabulous world
Where the sun shines at night and no one gets old
Focusing on a pinewood in blue
Where there is a house in rubber and glass
Walk through the door, have a look at the floor
There are thousands of stars spinning about
Taking the stairs to a room filled with dust
There are things everywhere and a moving rocking chair

And a man
Stranger still
Your need to disagree
Stranger still
Your inability
Stranger still
This lack of faith I see
Stranger still
Your lack of faith in me

He's holding a book in his shivering hands
Looking deeply into it in some kind of trance
There on the sheet a princess so sweet
He is reaching for her but all for nought
And I'm aching for him
I dream my dream alone
In it's darkness I find hope

My mind creates the lies
I need to get through the day
I dream again and again
Sometimes it's new
More often the same
Sometimes it's all that's real
No matter how surreal

I don't know how you manage to get by
Can you tell by the face I'm making?
I don't know what to do to understand
Can you tell by the smile I'm faking?