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This song is by Statemachine.

Did you lose your way?

All too suddenly?
Was it unwillingly?
And I ’m wondering
I am wondering
Did you find your way?
Did you find yourself?
And I ’m hoping that
I am hoping that
You can trust yourself now
And know yourself
And I'm praying that
I am praying that
You can handle your regrets
Myself, I can’t
As I'm too wound up
I am too wound up
Over losing you
Losing me
Man, I'm too despaired
I am too despaired
To concede myself
To believe myself

Did you move along?

Like you needed to?
Even wanted to?
It would be too sad
It'd be too sad
If you couldn't
Though I thought you shouldn't
Even hoped you wouldn't
Hoped you wouldn't
As for me, I'm still looking for you
In everyone I see
Only I can't find you, or me
Or anything really

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