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Can't Disroot

This song is by Stardown and appears on the album Insi Deus (2006).

We need to disroot
The fucking lies and disparity
Something we can do. We trying
But still nothing has changed

We need to be
Together to start
Something goes wrong
In this world
We kill each other
We don't appreciate love
Stokes and stones

Lies and hate
Grasped us with
They're strong claws
We can't be released

The soul is too deep to find
God is scared too look at us
From the sky we don't
Tell the truth. Afraid we're

Souls are crying
Our souls are getting dark
They don't shine anymore
Don't have the light inside

Nothing has changed
Efforts in vein
We cannot breathe
Our souls are bleed

Faceless and godless creatures
We wait when all flesh will die out
Some of us do try to change it
But it's nothing against
Thousand who don't

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