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Wild Life (2008)Edit

Wild Life
  1. For All Lovers
  2. Sorry
  3. Wild Life
  4. How Does It Feel
  5. In Your Arms
  6. Heart Skipped a Beat
  7. Everything I Am
  8. Desperate
  9. It's Not Over
  10. World of Silence
  11. Do It All
  12. Lonely Life
  13. I Will Be
  14. In Your Arms featuring Jill (bonus track of the new edition)

Singles: Do It All/For All Lovers/Desperate/In Your Arms

Rise And Fall (2009)Edit

Stanfour - Rise And Fall
Rise And Fall
  1. Wishing You Well
  2. Sail On
  3. Life Without You
  4. Say You Care
  5. Tired Again
  6. Face to Face
  7. Take Me Or Leave Me
  8. Bittersweet
  9. Stars
  10. I'll Wait for You
  11. Everything Has Changed

Singles: Wishing You Well

October Sky (2012)Edit

Stanfour - October Sky
October Sky
  1. When The Lights Go On
  2. Rule The World
  3. Love Is Your Enemy
  4. Under Water
  5. Learning To Breathe
  6. Won't Break Me
  7. Beautiful
  8. Highest Towers
  9. Strange Lights
  10. Butterland
  11. Bombay
  12. Even If


  1. Better Off Alone (Do It All CD Single)

Other SongsEdit

  1. All You Need Is
  2. Jane

Additional information

Band members:
  • Konstantin RethwischVocals
  • Alexander RethwischKeyboards, Vocals
  • Eike LüchowLive-Electronic, Vocals
  • Christian LidsbaGuitar

Live Members

  • Christoph Spangenberg - Keyboards
  • Heiko Fischer - Guitar
  • Daniel Stritzke - Bass
  • Paul Kaiser - Drums
Record labels:

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