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God Sleeps In A Caboose

This song is by Stan Ridgway and appears on the album Snakebite: Blacktop Ballads & Fugitive Songs (2004).

Hear that train rollin' down the track
Passin' by this old shack
Whistle blow and it blow again
Just a lonely sound comin' through the wind
And on those tracks, in an old boxcar
My mind is racin' and a-travellin' far
Far away
Just ridin' on that train
Big boss man, he work me awfully hard
Liftin' freight out in his railroad yard
But hungry kids need clothes and shoes
And moms and dads need their pills and booze
Pills and booze
Just ridin' on that train
Now maybe one day I'll climb up inside
And in that old boxcar, I will ride
Ride away
I'll be ridin' on that train
Now, can you hear me, Mister Engineer?
It's not my place to push or interfere
On your train

I'm ridin' on your train
This world is old and this world is mad
Some people only missin' what they never had
On your train
I'm ridin' on that train
Hear a drop of rain hit the windowsill
Thunder rolls up behind the hill
But tonight alone I got no sleep I've found
I can hear that clock tickin' my seconds down
Seconds down
Ridin' on that train
And if there's one thing people know is true
Everybody here end up leaving you
On that train
Just ridin' on that train
And over the hill where the full moon shine
The only thing left is love you leave behind
On that train
I'm ridin' on that train

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