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Wedding Day

This song is by Stan Jones and appears on the album Creakin' Leather (1958).

I heard the church bells ring this morning
Ring for a happy wedding day, wedding day, (wedding day)
From a hill I watched the church in the valley
This was to be my wedding day, wedding day, (wedding day)
The preacher was there with his book in his hand
The bridesmaid so fair and the smiling best man
The folks all waited along with the choir
But never a bride came down the aisle

I was the groom; on the hill I cried
As I watched the church without a bride, without a bride, (without a bride)
The bells kept ringing for us to wed
They didn't know our love was dead, our love was dead, (our love was dead)
Then the bells started crying
They seemed to say, "there will be no wedding today", no wedding today, (no wedding today)

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