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​Sedona, Arizona

This song is by Stan Jones and appears on the album Creakin' Leather (1958).

Oh yeah, oh-oh yeah

Gonna meet sweet Leona in Sedona, Arizona
Gonna buy her some ribbon
A bird in a cage
The bird will be singing
While her finger I'm a-ringing
And we'll make deep big love
'Mid the reckless and take

Oh yeah, oh-oh yeah

When I meet sweet Leona in Sedona, Arizona
She'll be wearing her newest and finest blue dress
Arm in arm we'll go walkin'
And there won't be no talkin'
'Cause we'll have things to do
Reckon you know the rest

Oh yeah, oh-oh yeah

Now me and Leona in Sedona, Arizona
In a cabin will be having a wonderful life
Though the kids may be a-crying
I'll keep right on eyeing Leona, sweet Leona my wonderful wife

Oh yeah, oh-oh yeah
Sweet Leona, in Sedona, Arizona