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Stampin' Ground (1996)Edit

Stampin' Ground - Stampin' Ground
Stampin' Ground
  1. Starved
  2. Stigmata (Of Idiot Faith)
  3. Won't Be Denied
  4. Undone
  5. Dawn Of Night
  6. What Dark God?

Demons Run Amok (1997)Edit

Stampin' Ground - Demons Run Amok
Demons Run Amok
  1. Damnation
  2. Anger As A Way Of Life
  3. Fester In Isolation
  4. Fear Of Reprisal
  5. Demons Run Amok
  6. Scarlet Icon
  7. Manmade
  8. Burn
  9. Won't Be Denied
  10. Idol Mysticism
  11. Blackened

An Expression Of Repressed Violence (1998)Edit

Stampin' Ground - An Expression of Repressed Violence
An Expression of Repressed Violence
  1. Lesion
  2. Emasculate
  3. The Death You Deserve
  4. My Will Be Done
  5. I Am Legend
  6. Betrayed By Many
  7. Fear The Parting Darkness
  8. Boiling Point
  9. Break The Mould
  10. Shapeshifter
  11. Jerusalem (Bonus Track)

Carved From Empty Words (2000)Edit

Stampin' Ground - Carved From Empty Words
Carved From Empty Words
  1. Officer Down
  2. Outside Looking In
  3. The Symmetry Of Hatred
  4. Bathe My Wounds
  5. Everybody Owes A Death
  6. Fundamental Truth
  7. By Whatever Means Necessary
  8. Nothing Changes Nothing
  9. Mid-Death Crisis
  10. Ultimatum

A New Darkness Upon Us (2003)Edit

Stampin' Ground - A New Darkness Upon Us
A New Darkness Upon Us
  1. A New Darkness Upon Us - Intro
  2. Behind The Light
  3. Killer Of Society
  4. Dead From The Neck Up
  5. The Cage
  6. Bear The Scars
  7. Betrayal Has A Face
  8. Pain Is Weakness (Leaving The Body)
  9. Unmarked Grave
  10. Ashes To Scatter
  11. Mantra Of A Dying World - Outro

Other SongsEdit

  1. Don't Need A Reason To Hate
  2. Jerusalem

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