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With A Little Faith

This song is by Stacie Orrico and appears on the album Genuine (2000).

I'd say I'm always happy if you want me to,
But sometimes that's not the case
My life's not as perfect as it seems to be--
It's simply God's Amazing Grace
*I'm here to finally let you know*
What keeps me hanging on,
What keeps me going strong
*I'm here to share His love with you*
There is no need to fear to live His life of love

With a little faith, with a little love
I know we can make it,
I know we can make it
With a little help sent from God above
I know we can make it,
I know we can make it through


I know what it takes to be yourself
Instead of when they put you down
*Down, down*
I can't understand why you chooseto hide,
When you should run to a strength that I've found
*If only you'd see for yourself*
Then you would know the one
Who loves you so much more
*If only I could help you out*
But God's the only one
What are you waiting for

It seems to wash away
Can't find a will to go on
But I am hear to say:
There's hope--you must carry on
Jesus will light your way
He'll give you all that you need
No need to be afraid
All you gotta do is believe

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