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Stay True

This song is by Stacie Orrico and appears on the album Genuine (2000).

All through my life I've seen so many
Smiling faces come and go
Some of them have tried
To bring my spirit low (don't know why they want to)
'Cause they see, my heart's devoted
To the one who always knows
Went to hold my hand so tight
Or let it go (can't they see your loves just right)

I hear people talkin'
There's no way I'm stoppin'
Empty words won't change my love for you

I'm gonna stay true
I don't want someone new
I'm gonna stay true to you
I'm gonna stay true
This is my attitude
I'm gonna stay true to you
Nobody else will do

All that's tryin' to convince me
That your love is just a lie
And I might as well be listening to the sky (don't know what they're thinking)
Say if you won't really love me
And you know what's deep inside
You'll just go 'cause you're above the sacrifice

One thing that I know of
They can't steal your love
Doubting words won't change
My point of view

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