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Last Time

This song is by Stabbing Westward and appears on the album Stabbing Westward (2001).

I don't know that we'll survive these childish fights
and endless nights you don't come home
Awake in bed I've searched my soul
and found I'm better off alone
But then you call and you cry say you just need more time
but you still love me deep inside

But you do this to me everytime
first you leave me then you beg to stay
But you swear it will be better this time it will be better
you swear there won't be anymore pain

Anymore pain

You offer me a kiss with sweet remorse
seeking redemption for your sins
My darkest doubts are soon dissolved
as I melt in your touch again
You're so sorry you say that you've hurt us this way
but you and I are soulmates

But you lie to me
You lie to me everyday
You lie to me you lie to me and I listen
I can't believe I can't believe a word you say
I can't believe you lie to me
And I listen

(*Starts with "girl" instead of "but")

Anymore pain(x5)

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