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Marry Me (2007)Edit

Marry Me
  1. Now, Now
  2. Jesus Saves, I Spend
  3. Your Lips Are Red
  4. Marry Me
  5. Paris Is Burning
  6. All My Stars Aligned
  7. The Apocalypse Song
  8. We Put A Pearl In The Ground
  9. Landmines
  10. Human Racing
  11. What Me Worry?
  12. These Days (Japanese edition bonus track)

Actor (2009)Edit

  1. The Strangers
  2. Save Me From What I Want
  3. The Neighbors
  4. Actor Out Of Work
  5. Black Rainbow
  6. Laughing With A Mouth Of Blood
  7. Marrow
  8. The Bed
  9. The Party
  10. Just The Same But Brand New
  11. The Sequel

Strange Mercy (2011)Edit

Strange Mercy
  1. Chloe in the Afternoon
  2. Cruel
  3. Cheerleader
  4. Surgeon
  5. Northern Lights
  6. Strange Mercy
  7. Neutered Fruit
  8. Champagne Year
  9. Dilettante
  10. Hysterical Strength
  11. Year of the Tiger

Love This Giant (2012)Edit

David Byrne & St. Vincent - Love This Giant
Love This Giant
  1. Who
  2. Weekend in the Dust
  3. Dinner for Two
  4. Ice Age
  5. I Am an Ape
  6. The Forest Awakes
  7. I Should Watch TV
  8. Lazarus
  9. Optimist
  10. Lightning
  11. The One Who Broke Your Heart
  12. Outside of Space & Time

St. Vincent (2014)Edit

St. Vincent - St. Vincent
St. Vincent
  1. Rattlesnake
  2. Birth in Reverse
  3. Prince Johnny
  4. Huey Newton
  5. Digital Witness
  6. I Prefer Your Love
  7. Regret
  8. Bring Me Your Loves
  9. Psychopath
  10. Every Tear Disappears
  11. Severed Crossed Fingers
Bonus tracks on 2015 reissue
  1. Bad Believer
  2. Pieta
  3. Sparrow
  4. Del Rio
  5. Digital Witness (Darkside remix)

Songs on Compilations and SoundtracksEdit

Additional information

Real name:

St. Vincent is a performance name for Annie Clark.

St. Vincent was a member of:
Record labels:

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