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​Suits Are Picking Up The Bill

This song is by Squirrel Nut Zippers and appears on the album Perennial Favorites (1998).

In a line at a cafe
I overheard a waitress say
These cats is broke, I knows 'em
Throw 'em out the doors and close 'em'
Get 'em outta here!

Spirits sagging, funds are low
This occupation's got to go
Up pulls the limo, up goes the thrill
The suits are picking up the bill

It's alright for them to tag along
It's just one bill they're tacking on
I will find some way to get a loan
The business suits to the rescue
So nice doing business with you
Do we really ape and clown
When you realize that 'Oh, their selling down for the deal'
The suits are picking up, the suits are picking up the bill

I cannot say from where I'm standing
My friends have passed out on the landing
Yes, one too many has left us high and dry
I've been feeling down, since the suits got back in town