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I Want You

This song is by Squeeze and appears on the album Ridiculous (1995).

You took all you could
And gave all you had
Knowing that I would have to understand
As you changed the locks
And threw out my socks
There was peace at hand
You sat in my chair
Your chin on your knees
I'm no longer there
And you look so pleased
I don't think that I know what to say
In my heart I love you anyway

I want you today

How can I score points
And win back your trust
Where our two hearts join
There's a sign of rust
From the tears you've cried
With the times I've lied
To the two of us
I don't think that I know what to say
In my heart I want you anyway

I can see the road behind me as I walk
I can feel the hurt that's burning as I talk

I can see the kids
As they play outside
I can read their lips
Their eyes open wide

Written by:

Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook

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